Our traded Products

We are a global and integrated oil trading company operating all around the globe.

Our business is to buy, transport, store, blend and deliver petroleum products locally and internationally for multiple needs.

Our products

Crude Oil and Heavy Oil

Crude oil is an unrefined petroleum product composed of hydrocarbon deposits and other organic materials.
Heavy oil is a type of crude oil characterized by an asphaltic, dense, viscous nature, and its asphaltene content.

Crude Oil & Feed Stocks

Crude Oil

Crude Oil Condensates

Vacuum Gas Oil

Straight Run


Middle distillates refers to a range of refined products situated between lighter fractions, such as LPG or gasoline, and heavier products such as fuel oil.

Crude Oil & Feed Stocks

Diesel Oil

Dual Purpose Kerosene

Jet Fuel

Fuel Oil

Bunker Fuel Oil

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil

High Sulphur Fuel Oil

Light Ends

Light ends are the light hydrocarbon gases and liquids that come off the top of distillation towers and fractionators.

Gasoline Components


C6 Raffinates

Gasoline Blendstocks

Reformates and Platformates

Octane Enhancers


Natural Gas Condensates

Natural Gas Liquids

Paraffinic Naphtha

N+A Naphtha


Global Energy Alliance's core business is focused in Oil trading and fuels.