Global Energy Alliance was established in Malta in 2019.

Who we are

Global Energy Alliance is a commodity trading firm, active in sourcing the global commodity market.

Every day we use our expertise and logistical networks to distribute energy around the world and develop partnerships across the globe. Global Energy Alliance believes that a distinct commercial differentiation is a requisite value for the success in the supply and trading of global commodities.


Our team is our anchor and it's formed by experienced staff with decades in the industry.

Professionals with high standards of quality, reliability, and long-lasting relations with our customers and suppliers.


We work in the physical commodity trade.

Being a global business, we buy, transport, store, blend, and deliver petroleum products all over the world. We operate in 3 continents and our business is related to oil and trading fuels. We trade barrel components according to our clients' needs. We work with strategic and strong partnerships to execute complex trades and increase opportunities to expand our operations in the international markets.


Create tailored solutions based on mutual understanding and responsability

It is very important for us to cultivate long lasting and fulfilling relationships with our suppliers and customers creating tailored solutions based on mutual understanding and responsibility.


Global Energy Alliance's core business is focused in Oil trading and fuels.